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 The Elizabeth Suite                                                                                                       

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'The Elizabeth Suite'

Original Fingerstyle Guitar By Rick Payne

 Suites are a collection of short pieces of instrumental music. They originated in the late14th century as a way of grouping together various dance tunes, perhaps played on the lute, or as a group performance. Suites grew in popularity in the Baroque period with Bach harpsichord suites being the most prolific. The suite would normally be set in one key and consist of five dances: Sarabande, Bouree, Prelude, Minuet and Gavotte. In this collection for the guitar I've added a 6th tune called Romanza, which would have been a popular style at the time. My suite revolves around the key of E minor and is fairly easy to play evoking the lute styles of the Medieval and Baroque periods.

Great. If you enjoy all styles of finger picking. A good way of developing thumb and finger independence. Blues for the Baroque period!


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