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  Ry Cooder Fingerstyle                                                                                         



Above video features the study tune 'Maria'

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Ry Cooder is undoubtedly best known for his slide playing, but he is also acknowledged as one
of the finest fingerstyle guitarist from the folk/blues days of the early sixties through to the present
time. As a fingerstyle player I have been inspired and learned a great deal about this style
just by listening to Ry Cooder. In Chicken Skin 2 I'll be sharing with you some of the ways you
can incorporate that special 'Cooder' fingerstyle' into your playing using exercises, techniques
and Cooder style study tunes.

This course is presented in PDF form with all interactive links to video, Mp3 and Powertab, web links and ten Ry Cooder style study pieces.

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