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 St Cuthbert’s, in Wells Somerset, is one of the largest parish churches in England. It is often mistaken by tourists for the imposing Wells Cathedral, just up the road.
St Cuthbert’s provided the inspiration behind the six guitar pieces in this collection, partly due to St Cuthbert's link with the Celtic tradition and that one of the first Celtic tunes I wrote I named ‘St Cuthbert’s Moan.’
The modal tuning I use in all the pieces is
‘Csus4add9.’ It produces an instant Celtic flavour and evokes the early droning sounds of pagan pipes and harps.
 I have to thank the great guitarist,
Martin Simpson for this tuning and the added inspiration it has given me when writing these pieces.
This modal mix of tunes can be played in the low written key of C, or you can try using a capo in different positions to produce your preferred sound. I use a capo in the second position in all six sketches. As usual I have omitted any fingering so you can explore your own, and also encourage you to improvise around all the themes.
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