UNZIPPING YOUR COURSE ( for downloaded courses )

Your course is compressed into a "zip file" to make it smaller and easier to download. You MUST "unzip" that file before working with the course. Here's how ...

1- Download the zipped file to your desktop (or wherever you prefer).

2- Make sure you have a program that will "unzip" or "extract" zipped files. WinZip (get a free trial version here at www.winzip.com) but there's lots of other programs that will works as well.

*Vista and windows 10, users may need to use WinZip, 7Zip or Winrar to deal with a any unzipping issues. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/952249

3- Once you're sure you have a program installed that will unzip files, simply double-click the downloaded zipped file, or right-click it and select "extract all" and tell it where to put the unzipped files.

4- Once the files are unzipped, you'll find a folder inside of which are all of the folders and files that comprise your course.

5- Inside this folder click on the pdf manual to view all elements of the course. Your adobe reader should be version 9 or later - download free version here http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

6- Back-up the zipped file for safekeeping and you should also keep the unzipped file on your hard drive for best performance

7- Users of latest Windows operating systems with adobe reader 2017 may experience problems opening links in the PDF manual - download alternative reader Foxit which resolves this issue
download free here

Mac users and Power Tab files.

Powertab is a windows based program

Mac users should download the free app - TEF View  for displaying and playing powertab files in the courses. Get this from the Mac store.