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Six Celtic inspired guitar pieces composed by Rick Payne.

'The modal tuning I use in all the pieces is
‘Csus4add9.’ It produces an instant Celtic flavour and evokes the early droning sounds of pagan pipes and harps.
 I have to thank the great guitarist,
Martin Simpson for this tuning and the added inspiration it has given me when writing these pieces.
This modal mix of tunes can be played in the low written key of C, or you can try using a capo in different positions to produce your preferred sound. I use a capo in the second position in all six sketches. As usual I have omitted any fingering so you can explore your own, and also encourage you to improvise around all the themes.'
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Suites are a collection of short pieces of instrumental music. They originated in the late14th century as a way of grouping together various dance tunes, perhaps played on the lute, or as a group performance. Suites grew in popularity in the Baroque period with Bach harpsichord suites being the most prolific. The suite would normally be set in one key and consist of five dances: Sarabande, Bouree, Prelude, Minuet and Gavotte. In this collection for the guitar I've added a 6th tune called Romanza, which would have been a popular style at the time. My suite revolves around the key of E minor and is fairly easy to play evoking the lute styles of the Medieval and Baroque periods.
Great, if you enjoy all styles of finger picking. A good way of developing thumb and finger independence. Blues for the Baroque period!
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Christmas is a great time to get out the guitar and play a few tunes for family and friends. For many years I've doodled around making up my own arrangements of christmas tunes for solo acoustic guitar using my favourite method, which has got to be fingerstyle. It offers a whole range of sound from high to low, and a great way of performing solo or with added accompaniment.

In this collection, I've chosen a mix of carols and Christmas classics which are both easy to play and well suited for fingerstyle guitar. They are aimed at intermediate players, and are also not too difficult for beginners. You should ideally be able to read guitar tab or music, and read chord symbols. Please feel free to change around the arrangements to make them your own, or change key if you want. Maybe they will inspire you to play more fingerstyle and create your own arrangements of other classic tunes. All the twelve pieces are supported by audio so you can hear how they sound.
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This anthology of fingerstyle guitar is a compilation of tunes that I’ve written or arranged. They are examples of pieces that I perform, or use in my teaching as exercises, and range from quite simple to more advanced. The fifty seven tunes are sequenced in alphabetical order and create an interesting mix. There’s plenty of blues, and also a good measure of folk, ragtime and other styles.
Enjoy! Comes with audio support and video where available.
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Fingerstyle guitar has always been the most satisfying ways of playing guitar. I started the long journey on the fingerstyle road when I had my first classical guitar lessons many years ago. From there my interest in grew into using folk styles of fingerstyle, especially after listening to players of the folk boom era of the the 60's and early 70's:
Nick Drake, Paul Simon, Bert Jansch, Martin Carthy, John Renbourne and many more. I was amazed at the textures of sound you could get out of a simple six string, using either regular tuning, or the whole range of altered tunings just waiting to be explored. In this volume I'll be sharing with you some of the very first folk fingerstyle tunes that I tried on my road to playing guitar. Some are my arrangements of traditional tunes and a few are my own compositions in the folk style.
So, put on your folk fingers, and get ready to weave your way around the strings.There are audio and video links to all the 12 tunes. 




Fingerstyle guitar is one of the most popular and satisfying ways of playing. Use the thumb and fingers to open up the range of sounds that the guitar can produce, and you're really flying. This is especially so when playing the blues. You can have a neat bass line while still picking away on a melody in the many different blues styles out there. I've been playing this style for many years and it is certainly one of my favourite ways of either arranging or performing. In this collection, I've put together a few of the blues tunes that I've arranged or written. They're all open to improvisation and you should experiment with the styles.
All the 18 tunes are supported by audio and some video when available. So, put on your blues shoes and let's get picking. Enjoy!




Ragtime fingerstyle guitar is one of the most satisfying ways of playing. If you love the challenge and want to try some syncopated rhythms, or move away from the normal arpeggiated fingerstyle of picking, then the tunes in this volume are just for you. There's a mix of classic tunes that I have arranged by players such as Big Bill Broonzy or Rev. Garry Davis, and a whole bunch of ditties that I've written in the ragtime style. Some tunes are more difficult than others, but well worth the effort if you want to improve your picking style and build on your repetoire.
So, put on your dancing fingers and let's get stuck into these 12 tunes.
Audio is available if you follow the links. Also, most pieces are supported by video.




Blues music and Blues guitar has its roots in the Gospel and Spirituals that raised the hopes of the down trodden descendants of the slave trade. Deeply connected to religion, early field hollers and chants slowly became the popular tunes that were passed down from generation to generation. Songs like ‘The Battle Of Jericho’, ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ or ‘Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen’, would have been familiar to all the Blues greats. Also, many blues guitarists were preachers by trade and used their guitars to voice their feelings and to' spread the word'. Spiritual Blues became hugely popular in the late 1950’s and 1960’s and artists like Josh White, Joeseph Spence, Rev Gary Davis would go on to influence guitarists like Ry Cooder and Davey Graham.
As a huge fan of fingerstyle blues guitar I thought it a fitting tribute to collect just a few of these ‘Spiritual Blues’ and arrange them for guitar. They are all fairly easy to play and the arrangements are there for you to change around and suit your own style of the Blues. Some of the tunes like ‘Jericho’ I have given a Sixties Bert Jansch flavour or the Cooder feel for ‘Nobody Knows’ and ‘Wing And A Prayer’. All tunes have audio links.
Course contains 10 fingerstyle arrangements.
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In this course I want to share some of the many ways you can get creative with chords and hopefully inspire you to experiment with them in your own learning and styles of playing; write songs, or simply sit there and chill out! The chords can be strummed or picked, and I'll give you some of my interpretations on the way. I don't want to get too technical or bogged down with 'chord chemistry' as they say, think of them as ideas to play around with - just a few of the many possibilities. If you're new to playing most shapes can be both a way to inspire and also to exercise those fingers! Topics include
Messing With The Basics, Busting The Barres, Trying The Triads, Cool Chords, Slashing The Chords, Power Chord Creative, Diminished Dimensons, Essential Jazz and Tweaking The Tuning!! Over 100 video demos with on screen chord diagrams to help you
on your way.
Sit back and get creative with chords!



Fingerstyle guitar has always been a melting pot of many different
styles and influences. It is hard to pin it down to one ingredient
that is unique to American or British fingerstyle. However when
you begin to stir the pot, the ingredients begin to separate, and
without being too patriotic you could say there really is a thing
called ‘Great British Fingerstyle’.

In this course we’ll be exploring the influences, styles and
techniques that make up the quintessential Great British
Fingerstyle. Styles include Classical, Spanish, Folk, American Roots
and Blues. Exercises and 12 study tunes.
Video links included



‘I’ve been asked many times if any of my Blues and Ragtime tunes were
available in one collection. So, as requested I’ve chosen some of the old
and written a few more and put them together in this collection
‘Blues and Rags’.
As a guitarist I have always had a fascination for fingerstyle.
To simply strum with a progression of chords was never enough
for me, and I constantly wanted more from the guitar. Great players
Big Bill Broonzy, Rev Garry Davis, Bert Jansch, Ry Cooder became
my heros and provided me with my eureka moment.
The sixteen original tunes in this collection are all inspired by
these fingerstyle greats. It’s not a teaching manual, although there
are a few warm ups to get you in the mood. Simply enjoy and pick along!’
Video links included




In this first volume of Bottle Neck Blues you'll be learning the basics of slide guitar playing. If you've never tried it before it can be at once quite tricky but also an immediate way of sounding just like the old bluesmen Robert Johnson, Son House and many more. You'll have the chance to get your hands on some of the techniques that are necessary to achieve the authentic sounds of the slide guitar. There are lots of exercises and riffs to try all in the blues style.
So, lets get down to some serious sliding!
Video links included



In this second volume of Bottle Neck Blues you'll be learning more about this magical style by exploring extra
G tuning riffs and an introduction to the deeper sound of the blues with D tuning. Also, in this volume you can try some very bluesy intros and turnarounds along with instrumentals in both G and D tuning.
Happy Sliding.
Video links included



Explore a whole range of slide guitar styles and tunings with Rick Payne's 'Beyond The Delta'. The journey begins in the Delta and moves through Texas and Chicago to Hawaii and beyond. The course includes exercises, tips, tunings and tricks that will inspire you to journey even further. Twelve study pieces and relative tuning guides will help you on your way.
This is an exciting new course and a must for all slide guitarists who want
to travel further.
Video links included




Bust into the chords that form the basis of great blues playing. You will learn the essentials of blues chord playing through eight different styles which include Traditional Shuffles, R & B, Delta, Ragtime Blues, Jazz Blues and contemporary blues. Loads of exercises and examples all
supported by
video (with on screen chord diagrams),
'I've played many blues styles and am constantly amazed how the humble 12 bar can produce so many variations of chord shapes and sounds.
Each style has it's own unique twist to the way you might play the three chord trick of the blues progression'
Video links included




Let's Django Rick Payne will share with you many of the Django techniques
he has learned on his journey as a guitarist. The exercises and study pieces
will give your playing a whole load of gypsy flavour and whatever the style
of your playing you will gain extra panache and appeal. In this course for
intermediate players Rick guides you through extensive rhythm and solo exercises to get you playing like Django. Includes seven original tunes
especially written in the Django style.
"A fabulous resource" - Acoustic Guitar Magazine Oct 2009
Video links included





‘Of all the guitarists that I’ve listened to and studied over the years
John Lee Hooker is the one steeped in the real DNA of the blues.
You can’t help but be drawn into the primitive and simplistic way,
that with just a few riffs and chords, he conjured up the sound of
both the Mississippi Delta and the West African roots of the blues.
When I’m giving a blues guitar workshop I often say - if you want
to play authentic blues guitar there’s only one riff you need, and
that of course is one by the genius that was John Lee Hooker.

In this course I’ll be sharing some of these riffs, and exploring the
ways you can begin to sound just like the
‘Healer’ himself.
So, settle down, get your foot tapping and let’s play some
Hooker Blues’.

Course includes in-depth exercises and 11 study tunes in the Hooker style all supported by video




BROONZY BLUES In this course by Rick Payne you'll be exploring his
unique solo acoustic technique, using six classic Broonzy instrumentals:
The Guitar Shuffle', 'Hey Hey', 'House Rent Stomp', 'St Louis Blues', 'Slow Blues'and 'The Glory Of Love'. Also included is Rick Payne's tribute: 'Broonzy Blues'. If you're new to fingerstyle blues there are lots of warm up exercises to prepare you for his stomping style. Rick will play through all the pieces and give you bar by bar breakdowns so you can see how it's done.

All exercises and study tunes are supported by video links






This course is dedicated to the legendary Bert Weeden and is a slant on his classic "Play In A Day" book. Rick Payne will get you playing blues in a day and gives you all the easy bits to really get you going. All you need is to master a few chords and give your thumb and fingers room on those strings. Ideal for beginners of both acoustic or electric guitar.

All exercises and study tunes are supported by video links.